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Ode family
Greetings from the Ode family!

Kim and Eric, along with their children Kaleb and Lauren, are actively involved in supporting local businesses and the communities they serve.  - Boy how time flies, our kids graduated from Sumner High School, both went on to graduate from University - NOW they are both engaged or married! They continue in life and their professions to be interested in helping others be their best selves. Salt, light and Spice wherever they are.

Kim is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Herbalist with over 32 years experience in the natural health industry.  Many of you already know Kim, but she can't wait to meet the rest of you. She is so looking forward to working with you on your various health goals and challenges. Check out our newest way to help you meet your health goals, see the description of our online health assessment.  Ths has been an excellent tool for me to help you find deeper nutritional excesses or deficiencies that can have significant effect on your overall health.

You may have met Eric at a school, library or local festival. Eric is a published author, poet, singer, songwriter and educator. You can learn more about all he does at www.ericode.com. He has also given generously of his time and talents by doing much of the construction and build out of the display units that give Jubilee Naturals locations such a warm and inviting atmosphere. Thank you to my talented husband and best friend.

Non GMO Project seal
Foods and Supplements not modified through gene manipulation matter to us!
Jubilee Naturals is a Non-GMO Project Verified business. Companies enrolled in the Non-GMO Project are serious about keeping GMOs out and work hard to do so. To better understand what this verification means, please follow this link to download a Non-GMO Project FAQ brochure.
Organic and NON GMO in foods and supplements!

Health is our life and our business, we look forward to working with you -

The Ode Family