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 Online Health and Nutritional Assessment
Where Kim Ode's 30 years in the Health Field can really best benefit you! The Nutri-Body® Questionnaire
This evaluation is designed to assess bodily signs which may relate to nutritional imbalances.
Its sole purpose is to educate and inform. It is not intended to diagnose diseases. The Online
Nutri-Body Analysis analyzes 65 nutrient categories using the Nutri-Body Questionnaire.

Detailed Questionnaire to make you think, about YOU!
Colored graph prioritizing body strengths and weaknesses
Spans body organs and system - Endocrine and Digestive
Spans a variety of Minerals, Amino Acids and Vitamins
Provides a list of "Items of Concern" prioritized
Provides a list of "Items to Watch" prioritized
General explanations of specific nutrients and their functions
Customized Dietary guidelines and Supplement recommendations
Results have been compared to blood work and found reliable
Practical tips and tools for supporting your overall health will be provided in the review assessment if you select that option.
Upon completion of the questions, Kim Ode, Holistic Health Practitioner, will contact you to set up the review appointment. Her insights and experience in knowing how nutrients and systems affect each other will happily surprise you as she looks over and shares with you your customized assessment scores.

How do you get the questions?
Just select the link below, complete the payment
and they will be emailed to your computer.
- Includes assessment, and review appointment of your scored assessment with Kim Ode, HHP
(appointment usually take 60 minutes) Price will be going up in January 2021!

Base Pricing will be shown when you make your selection.
Thank you!

Plan Ahead!  
If you place an order when we are closed or after operating hours you may not receive your assessment in your email inbox
until our next open business day. If you have an agressive spam filter you may want to keep an eye on your spam/junk folder as well, in case it ends up there. Follow all the instructions in the invitation email. When you finish the assessment,  it will return to me personally for the scoring. I will then call or  send to the email address you provided, some open appointment times to select from and we will get that review portion of the assessment taken care of.

I look forward to working with you on your particular health goals! - Kim Ode, CH, HHP, Jubilee Naturals.
If you are giving an assessment with me as a gift, please make sure to give me the name and email of the person you would like me to send it to in the SEND TO:  portion of the Check out or use the Message box in the checkout shopping cart. THANK YOU!