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Immune Support

North American Herb
Jubilee's Choice for Cold/Flu Season!
Dr. Cass Ingram said Jubilee has the largest selection of North American Wild products in Washington.
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North American Herb and Spice Oil of Oregano is made exclusively from wild, mountain-grown Mediterranean oregano, free of all chemicals and pesticides. It also must be emulsified in a carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil which we use in our oil of oregano. The only oregano used is truly 100% wild Mediterranean oregano, handpicked in pristine and unpolluted remote mountains. NEVER ADULTERATED, 100% raw and wild oregano.
OregaResp spice extract is made with handpicked spices from remote mountain regions. OregaRESP contains P73 wild oregano, high mountain sage, and cumin, with concentrated CO2-extracted cinnamon and ginger. These powerful oils are then naturally converted to a concentrated powder before being encapsulated. This revolutionary process creates a highly concentrated herbal blend in a small capsule. Each capsule of OregaRESP is equivalent to 50 drops of the oil! Take one or more capsules twice daily. Increase as needed.
Ingredients: Wild mountain-grown oregano blend P73, mountain grown cumin, wild mountain-grown sage and cinnamon and ginger. No animal products.
SinuOrega 1 oz
Sinu Orega
A potent spray to the extreme SinuOrega is wild spice oils in a sea salt saline base. Itís ideal for supporting a healthy sinus response. Non-addictive.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Oregano oil, sea salt, clove bud, sage oil, & bay leaf oil.
Retail $12.99 - 1 fl oz
Oil of Oregano Original Strength
Oil of Oregano Original Strength
Made exclusively from wild, mountain-grown Mediterranean oregano, free of all chemicals and pesticides. It also must be emulsified in a carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil which we use in our oil of oregano. Handpicked in pristine & unpolluted remote mountains; no chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction process.

Ingredients: Just wild P73 Oregano and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
P73 oil TRIAL SIZE .27 oz
Retail $18.00 - .27oz

Original P73 Oil .45oz
Retail $29.99 - .45oz
Just wild P73 Oregano and Olive Oil
Oil of Oregano Super Strength
Oil of Oregano Super Strength
Oreganol P73 is the original and only truly wild full-spectrum, whole food oregano oil, 100% Mediterranean-source. SuperStrength is 300% more potent than regular strength. Itís handpicked and ethically harvested plus never farm-raised.

Ingredients: Just wild Oregano and Olive Oil, More Concentrated
Super Strength
 P73 Oil .45oz
Retail $39.99- .45oz

Orega Resp
Orega Resp is the strongest of all wild spice formulas. It contains desiccated pure spice oils. It is a synergistic blend, which gives it extra power. This is the power of desiccated spice oils of wild oregano, wild sage, remote-source cumin, and cinnamon. This state-of-the-art technique of drying concentrates the oils so much that one capsules is equivalent to fifty drops of oregano oil.
Ingredients: Organic Oregano herb, cumin oil  extract , organic sage, cinnamon and ginger extract powder.
30 Veg. Capsules
Retail $29.99 - 30 Vegetarian Capsules
90 Veg. Capules
Retail $69.99 - 90 Vegetarian Capsules

1 fl oz. (Liquid)
Retail $39.99 - 1 fl oz
Ingredients: Organic Oregano herb, cumin oil  extract , organic sage,
cinnamon and ginger liquid extract
NEW! O2 Orega
New! O2 Orega is a super-charged powerhouse ideal for supporting overall health and also supporting a natural energy and strength mechanism. It is a combination of the most impressive ingredients, wild oregano essence, raw, wild spruce resin, and raw, wild pine resin. This is fortified with mountain-derived pomegranate concentrate to make a potency and power never before known.
Ingredients: Purified water, P73 oregano oil, EV olive oil, Oregano Essence, raw pine resin, raw spruce, cinnamon oil extract, cinnamon oil, raw wild clover honey, cumin, black seed oil, wild red raspberry extract, yacon syrup, pomegranate,  EV Coconut oil

12 oz.
Retail $39.99 - 12oz
Orega Biotic
OregaBiotic is the ultimate synergistic blend of natural spice oils. Using the powerful multiple spice oil extracts of oregano, cumin, sage, and bay leaf combined with naturals beeswax and black seed oil creates the most advanced supplement on the market. The powerful antioxidants contained in these spices provide another beneficial attribute of this spice blend, far greater than Vitamins C & E.
Ingredients: Organic EV Olive oil, black seed, bees wax, wild P73 Oregano,
cumin, wild sage, wild bay leaf oil
60 Veg. Caps
Retail $59.99 - 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Orega Shield
OregaShield is the world's first-ever sustained wild oregano oil formula. It is in a beeswax base, and it also contains wild bay leaf and sage oils. All are potent and from wild, mountain-grown spices. Black seed oil is also an ingredient, which is a rich emollient for optimal skin health. It is ideal for applying to hands for prolonged benefit.
Ingredients: Organic EV Olive oil, organic wild oregano, beeswax, bay leaf oil, black seed oil, and wild sage oil.
Retail $29.99 - 1.7oz
OregaSpray gives you the opportunity to use nothing other than wild spice oils for cleansing and deodorizing your environment. Plus, itís a natural vegetable wash for cleaning and supporting the health of the whole family. It also has a wonderful wild lavender scent and is safe to use around pets.

Ingredients: Spring water, clove oil, wild oregano oil, bay leaf oil, and lavender oil.
OregaSpray 2oz
Retail $17.99 - 2oz
Orega Spray 4oz
Retail $29.99 - 4oz

American Biotech Labs
ASAP Health Max
American Biotech Health Max 10ppm & 30ppm.  This silver preparation is not collodial or ionic. It offers some very safe and unique properties not found in other commercial preparations of silver. The process to produce this silver is patented. This is a highly stable hydrosol or aquasol silver supplement. There is no evidence of accumulation in the body. Studies conducted at 200 times the normal serving level did not demonstrate any accumulation of silver. This Silver yields full potency because of its particular molecule size and shape, while using a  much smaller percentage of silver, only 10ppm. Reported uses of silver for a wide variety of health issues date back to the early 1900's.

Ingredients: 10 PPM Nano-Silver Solution: Purified Silver (50 mcg) and deionized water.Contains no aritifcial ingredients, preservatives, or additives.

10 ppm 8 oz
Nano Silver 10 ppm
Retail:  $28.95 - 8 oz

10 ppm 16 oz
Nano Silver 10ppm
Retail: $40.95 - 16 oz
30 ppm 8 oz
Nano Silver 30ppm
Retail: $42.95 - 8 oz
30 ppm 16oz
Nano Silver 30ppm
Retail: $57.95 - 16 oz

Barlean's Olive Leaf Complexes
Olive Leaf fights all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Helps stave off colds and flu. May have antioxidant properties. Has shown potential for lowering high blood pressure. Good for virtually any infectious disease, as well as for chronic fatigue syndrome, diarrheal diseases, inflammatory arthritis, and psoriasis. Reference: Prescription  for Nutritional Healing. Fifth edition. Page 120

Ingredients:  Fresh Pressed Olea europaea varietal olive leaves, glycerin, water, natural flavors.

Throat Spray 1.5 fl oz
Olive Leaf Complex, Peppermint flavor
Throat Spray 1.5 fl oz - Retail $14.98
60 Softgels
Olive Leaf Complex
60 softgels - Retail $26.74
    8 oz Natural    8 oz Peppermint
Olive Leaf Complex
Natural/Peppermint flavor
8 oz - Retail $21.44
 16 oz Natural   16 oz Peppermint
Olive Leaf Complex
Natural/Peppermint flavor
16 oz - Retail $38.44
Assorted Elderberry Products
Sambucus Black Elderberry Syrup  For centuries, the dark berries of European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) have been traditionally used as a winter remedy.  In recent years, medical researchers have proven its efficacy in clinical trials.

Elderberry Original Syrup
4 fl oz
Original Black Elderberry Syrup 4 fl oz -  Retail 15.99
Ingredients: Black Elderberry Extract, Sorbitol, purified water, glycerin, natural flavor, citric acid (preservative to maintain freshness).
Elderberry Syrup Sugar Free
4 fl oz
Original/Sugar Free Black Elderberry Syrup 4 fl oz -  Retail 15.99
SF, DF, NF, GF, Free of Artificial Colors & Preservatives
Kosher and Vegan Elderberry 100mg standardized
Other ingredients Sorbitol, purified water, glycerin, natural flavor,
citric acid.
Elderberry Lozenges
60 count
60 Lozenges - Retail 14.99
Black Elderberry Sambucus Nigra Extract 100mg
Vitamin C 100mg
Other: Sucrose, fructose, Magnesium Stearate, silca natural flavor
NOW Effer-C w/ Elderberry 30 packets
"Now" Effer-C with Elderberry  -  1,000 mg of vitamin C. Fizz Sticks
 SOLD OUT!!!!!!
"Now" has included CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid for added metabolic support.  Sugar-free using Xylitol and Better Stevia for natures perfect touch of sweetness.  Best of all, Effer-C is packaged so you can take it wherever you go.
Ingredients: Xylitol, ascorbic acid,  calcium ascorbate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Vit B6, folic acid, Vit B-12,  pantothenic acid, magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, sodium, potassium, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, elderberry, citric acid,
L-tartaric acid, silica, BetterStevia,  natural raspberry flavor and malic acid.
30 packets - Retail $15.99

Bluebonnet Elderberry 60 Veg. Capsules
Bluebonnet Elderberry Capsules
Ingredients: Elderberry Fruit Extract, Kosher vegetable capsules, vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate.
Free of milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, corn, yeast, barley, rice, sodium, and sugar.
60 Vegetarian Capsules - Retail $21.50
Natural Sources Elderberry Concentrate 16 oz
Natural Sources Elderberry Concentrate
We use the finest fruit available and process it at low temperatures to retain as much as possible of the natural goodness. Use full strength and mix 8 oz of concentrate to 56 oz water or juice to make a healthy delicious drink (makes a half gallon). Refrigerate after opening!
Ingredients: Elderberry Juice Concentrate, Apple Juice Concentrate, Grape Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, and Potassium Sorbate.
16 fl oz - Retail $21.10
Amber Dropper 1oz
Amber - 1 oz bottle with Glass Dropper
Retail $3.00
Mist Sprayer 1oz
Empty Fine Mist Sprayer (Glass)
Handy one ounce sprayers are useful for topical applications.
Retail  $3.00 each
Nasal Sprayer 1oz
Empty Nasal Sprayer (Glass)
Handy one ounce nasal sprayers  for cleansing nasal passages of dirt, dust, and irritating airborne particles.
Retail  $3.00 each
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