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Medical doctors diagnose, prescribe and treat disease. Natural healers help support body systems with herbs, vitamins, aminos and pure clean foods that all contain valuable nutrients your own body can use to heal, repair and restore itself. Any information or educational materials obtained at Jubiliee Naturals are not to be taken as medical advice.
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Sinu-Orega from North American Herb & Spice and a large selection of all their other wonderful products
Supports a healthy sinus, respiratory system, and breathing mechanism!
Combines a saline solution with "Wild" spice oils to rinse and cleanse the nostrils.
Ingredients: Spring Water, Wild Organic Oil of Oregano, Sea Salt, Clove Bud Oil, Oil of Sage, and Oil of Bay Leaf.
 SinuOrega Nasal Power Pump just one- 1 oz  bottle

Best Deal BUY FIVE, GET ONE FREE! That apply's to most everything in our lines!
More items we carry from NAHS.. call  for ordering
Orega O's, gummies - Pine extract - Black seed - OregaResp - Sinuorega- Original and Double Strength Oreganol Softgels and tinctures - Dand-o-max - Purge - Oregashield- Orega Spray original or Lemon scent non drying -free of alcohol- O2 Orega

We also carry a large line of
Mycoshield Sprays, Powders, Tinctures, Capsules. Agarikon, My Community, Staments 7, Brain, Energy,  Liver,
Women, Stress Decompress, Brain and Body, Microbiome Probiotic Powder, Reishi, Cordychi,
Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, Breathe, Brain Energy, Chaga,Cordyceps, Maitake .... Click here to see more
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